Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Political Sazon

Political Sazon is an Online talk show centered on authentic Mexican food and casual Political discussion geared towards women and Latinos. It is an insider’s look into the hearts of Elected-Officials, Community Leaders, and Movers and Shakers; hosted by the politically savvy Sylvia Robledo, a food aficionado.

Political Sazon will divulge a side you never see in politics, a side people want to see but never get the chance to. Get a glimpse of what Elected Officials do in their free time. Find out what their favorite Mexican dish is to what movies they watch. Political Sazon will bring you the best of both worlds. From current social issues to Mexican food, see your representatives discuss their lives inside and outside of Politics! 

Political Sazon is an Online Talk Show in the format of a Video Blog.  As Social Media continues to take huge Market Share in advertising dollars, Political Sazon has positioned itself to be an Ad supported web site through Networking, Online Community development and Social Media Marketing (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogspot). Political Sazon has strategically aligned itself with like-minded people and currently has a data base of over five thousand constituents. 

Food and Politics... what could be better than a friendly conversation over some sizzling hot Mexican food. Want to see how to get close to an Elected Officials heart? Throw a Mexican recipe together and v-o-i-l-a… you’ll have them explaining how much they love Hannah Montana. Political Sazon is an Online talk show that mixes entertainment with Politics. If you’re into Politics and Mexican food, then you’re going to love Political Sazon. 

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